👣The second part of To discover the trues of the flying saucer and the space-like in the desert

After we bought all our supplies to start our journey to The city of Tata, where it is the closest point to the desired place

At the morning we set off from the city of Kalmim Bab al-Sahara to the region of Taggjit, where the national road passes after 4 hours of road, we decided to stop at the mouth of the fort, where we took a break, during which we had a cup of coffee, my friend, my German swiss national, and my friend Suleiman, born in Tata. During which we enjoyed the desert atmosphere and its picturesque nature… We got to know some of the people of this village .They are generous people like most of the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Morocco, which is like moroccans, people of hospitality and welcome to the guest…. The inhabitant of the area of The Mouth of the Fort depends mostly on agriculture for its livelihood… As for her youth, he chose to work in Moroccan cities, some of whom emigrated to European homes. Along the national road linking Kalmim Bab al-Sahra and The City of Tata you will find plenty of tourist resorts and guest houses… Foreign tourists and insiders can enjoy the stunning scenery and the bright Moroccan desert sun.

While we stopped at the village of Fam al-Husn and enjoyed its desert atmosphere and warm breeze, Suleiman and I touched on the subject of the law of cosmic attraction… My friend Suleiman surprised me with the depth of the subject, as all my studies on physics at the university were not enough to discuss Suleiman the physicist, who surprised me after dropping out of university and after 4 years of his solitude in the desert and his continuous research and his dedication to some theories that remain theories and personal jurisprudence of the scientists of the law of cosmic attraction

He found a strong relationship between the fall of niazik in the Sahara and exactly the Moroccan Sahara and the law of cosmic attraction to become Agnieszk by recognizing the Niazik and his ability to identify it and to know all its types… He also turned to the question of the electromagnetic waves that the mind emits the nucleus of the earth and electromagnetic energy where I still remember that he said literally i am one or two years after our meeting i will go to the United States of America … Well, he said, does Solomon know the occult is the energy of cosmic attraction?

It’s a time-and-space check…. I listened to him with all the listening and listening…. Our friend Simon was smoking his saper in the warm open air and enjoying the views of the sand books not far from the caravane. Simon told me about his beautiful and warm sense of the area of the mouth of the fort and the extent to which he enjoys the atmosphere of the Moroccan Sahara, where in Germany and Switzerland there is no such warm and wonderful atmosphere where you can walk day and night and every month warm enjoying the sandbooks of the morals, goodness and hospitality of the region. Well, we stopped for a while to find ourselves spending two hours of time, enjoying the beauty of the village of Fam al-Husn.

We set off again for The City of Tata and drove for two hours to come across Aqa. It is a village two hours away from the mouth of the fort. It is a village that is visible as a beautiful little village with few inhabitants, most of whom depend on the sale of dates in the vicinity… It is the palm region where many companies of the Arab Gulf countries have partnered with Moroccan companies large green areas where they plant palm trees thousands we are talking about projects 200 to 400 thousand palm trees in one field… Yes, it is a village built on the ruins of the capital of the Kingdom of Sanhaga, which ruled the Kingdom of Morocco.At one point in the history of the Far Morocco… You can see the ruins of this capital and its urban ruins that were destroyed and reduced during that period during the wars and invasions between the kingdoms of North Africa, where the story of the end of this kingdom was sad, where it was punctuated by cunning, treachery, deception and betrayal. Yes, it is the ruins of the capital of a kingdom that ruled the Far Maghreb and was its capital in every region of Aqa over an area estimated at 100 kilometers. We hosted the sheikh of the tribe of the region and he did not want to let us go that day for their generosity… Simon wondered why we don’t continue the way, and Suleiman said: They’re the parents of the greatest grandchildren we’re not going through without hosting us tonight. During which we got to know the region and its historical wealth and the vast palm fields as we went to special reserves for squid, which allocated a vast area in the area estimated thousands of kilometers it is a national reserve in partnership with the Countries of the Arabian Gulf we used a 4×4 car borrowed from an acquaintance of my friend Suleiman… We took a tour that evening.

After our wonderful tour and our exploration of the region with its rich reserves and vast fields of palms and historical exploits, we stayed up to midnight that night in a cheerful atmosphere and under the bright moonlight in a pure sky where you can see a painting of stars in the clear, clear sky…. That night, we had grilled camel meat in a desert cooking style… The meat is cooked by burying it in the sand with the natural coal of the area… Very tasty, enchanting atmosphere and fresh air… It’s a night that remains etched in memory… We also enjoyed the warmth of the *ahwach* It is an Amazigh desert art that is authentic to the traditions and customs of the inhabitants of the Moroccan Sahara… This Moroccan cultural heritage is rich for the Moroccan queen, who is full of a different cultural heritage, architecture and art that contributes to the harmony of civilizations and generations throughout history and a source of pride and pride for all Moroccans..

A natural image of a village Aqqa Affiliate to the city of Tata

Well it’s a thousand nights and nights… We traveled through time and space…. The sheikh of the tribe and the inhabitants of the village of Aqa were created that night and we enjoyed with them with this joyful and wonderful atmosphere that they are the sons of kings like all Moroccans, grandchildren of Yogarta and Massinisa….. An atmosphere with a sense and a connection to the earth… My friend Simon was surprised that he had never lived such a night in his life and was not aware of the history of the Kingdom of Morocco, its ancient royal people and its inhabitants, who inherited the qualities of generosity, hospitality and the same wonderful pride.



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