Domestic house cats are extremely fertile. Cats reach puberty early and have a long breeding life. Queens are excellent mothers and are able to have up to three litters a year.

Before you allow your domestic house cat to breed, be sure you have homes for all the kittens. Some people believe allowing your domestic house cat to breed will improve the cat’s personality and character, but this is not true and responsible pet owners need to strongly considered having their cats spayed or neutered.

If you do decide to breed your domestic house cat there are a few steps you should take to prepare.

Make sure the Queen is up to date on all vaccinations and has been wormed to protect both her and and her newborn kittens.

Female domestic house cats will usually come to heat for the first time between 7-9 months but it is best not to breed your house cat until it is at least 10 months old, and preferably a full year old.

Sudden changes in the weather can sometimes put queens off heat or bring non cycling cats into heat. The first sign of a queen being in heat is a slight swelling of the vulva.

A domestic house cat in heat often has a lower pitched meow and will become much more vocal. This “calling phase” usually lasts 5-10 days with 2-3 week intervals in between. Mating is more likely to be successful if you bring the queen to the tomcat.

If she is receptive the female will allow the stud to approach her. Foreplay includes sniffing, touching, and licking.

By 28 days into the pregnancy the kittens can be felt as discrete round lumps in the uterus.

By 50 days the the unborn kittens can be seen as large lumps and even felt moving. The length of the domestic house cats pregnancy is usually between 63-70 days.

A few days prior to the birth the queen will become restless and her temperature will drop slightly.

Most domestic house cats have their kittens without the slightest need for help from the pet owner. After the birth, you may wan to have a vet check over both the kittens and the mother.

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