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5 activities that give you a new breath every time you practice

1- Take a walk at the beach

Going out and strolling by the beach between time gives you energy and a new breath where every time you take a walk on the beach and enjoy the beautiful sea view you feel a big change and you can never admit the effect of his energy on you where you feel agility and psychological comfort and calm … You can also feel the gentle breeze that permeates your self to give it agility and vitality and forget the tiredness and hardship of work.

2-Organize your time, whatever it is.

When you keep your time organized, you feel a kind of psychological comfort and satisfaction with it… Whatever your actions, try to keep Tripp and organize your schedule between work, your personal life and all your commitments. So that you don’t put pressure on your nerves because your schedule is not arranged to maintain your psychological and emotional stability and the stability of your working life… Organizing the schedule deserves all the attention.


Make sure that every time you either listen to music or sing according to your nature and taste, you serve yourself and your daughters where you take a break and enjoy those beautiful moments between all the days of life full of challenges and work gold…. You can see and feel the difference during this activity

4-Touring around with an air bike

When you travel by air bike every now and then or use it from time to time within your life system, you provide a service to yourself and to planet Ban One where you feel your contribution to maintaining your planet from the emission of toxic gases even for some time as riding the bike is healthy recommended by many, an activity that is not known to be worth it either from a mathematical point of view in bodybuilding or aesthetically and medically in the diet, burning of fat and inhaling air in open places such as, forest, beach and parks.

5-Maintaining a diverse lunch balance

From time to time you have to introduce recipes for new meals that enrich your lunch system… Delicious and lunchy food allows you more room to choose and enrich your daily lunch of meat, fish and vegetables depending on the nature of your taste and geographical location…. The variety of dishes and meals gives you a beautiful psychological impression and good health for the body, mind and heart try from the day.



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