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17/02/2021. Wednesday

Investment in multidimensional technology is no longer limited to foreign investors, but Moroccans are moving this experience to the Kingdom, in the absence of entertainment venues and the lack of cinemas.

One young man, who owns a startup specializing in software and applications in Rabat, introduced the 9Th Dimension VIRTUAL REALITY technology experience, known as “9D Virtual reality”, to a range of cities, suitable for all ages without exception, and allows for intensified cultural and recreational activities.

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This technology enjoys all kinds of sound, visual and kinetic effects, which make the viewer live the moment as if in the real world, so that virtual reality technology “VR” displays everything you see on the screen by using glasses dedicated for this purpose, by connecting them to the computer or installing a mobile phone inside the glasses.

The VR glasses display the image of movies and games in 3D, with a 360-degree viewing angle. The advanced technology is currently located in Marjan, In The Riyadh district of Rabat and the California district of Casablanca, and is expected to be displayed in both the Morroco Mall, Marina Casablanca and the new commercial complex in the economic capital in the coming days.

Prices range from $3 per person to $5 for two people. Interestingly, Facebook has also joined oculus, the leading VR eyewear manufacturer, to use this technology to develop the blue site browsing process.

“The new technology is very different from other dimensions, and does not meet with it in any way,” said Mohamed Ahami, director of COCOON9D, which introduced the technology into Morocco. The user sits in a smart chair and wears virtual reality glasses, enabling him to interact with the 360-degree straps displayed in front of his eyes, with special effects that make him travel through the reality-like experience.”

“The proof of the experience that simulates reality is the person who is afraid of rising, for example, so that he will be hit by the highland phobia when it will be on a high floor, and the same applies to other situations, because you will not feel any particular difference, but on the contrary you will feel that you are inside the event in all its details, and you will live that whole experience, and the accompanying feelings of fear, fascination and excitement, according to the section you see or the normality of the game,” Ahami said in a special statement during a meeting with a journalist for the Moroccan newspaper Hespress.

“Children can get to know the world of dinosaurs and visit Disney World, while teenagers will have the opportunity to try out the suspense train with effects that give the user an adrenaline overdose, while adults will discover scenes of horror and dozens of experiences involving traveling through the dark tunnels,”.


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