A program For the country of Algeria El-shorok TV that mocks His Majesty’s character.

Algeria supports Polisario militarily against Morocco… Accept… Algeria allocates Friday to pray against Morocco… Accept.. Algeria asks Biden to withdraw recognition of The Moroccan of the Sahara. We accept them… Any action from Algeria hostile to Morocco is expected of them, but for an Algerian channel to insult the symbol and the king of the Kingdom of Morocco and the symbol of all Moroccans, this is a cowardly act and a declaration of war must not be tolerated. This cowardly act, which we deplore in full and in detail… King Mohammed VI is a red line and his insult is insulting 40 million Moroccans.

You can find in the world two countries that have policy problems and tension in diplomatic relations
But you come to terms with the king’s image as a symbol of national unity and the king of the Kingdom of Morocco and put it in an inappropriate form, which is unacceptable from the eastern neighbor.
We are with our beloved king and we do not accept any harm to his image

His Majesty King Mohammed VI🇲🇦👑


In a new update. This is the volume of doses received by maghreb countries to today’s limits, enough to vaccinate:
➡️3.25 million people in Morocco🇲🇦
➡️50,000 people in Algeria🇩🇿
➡️2,500 people in Mauritania🇲🇷
In your opinion, can the vaccination be completed before this summer?


The joint cooperation agreement concerns the praiserelations of Morocco and Ukraine. For details, visit the Moroccan Diplomacy page at the belowlink👇

Moroccan-Ukrainian praise relations in joint cooperation

◀️ Morocco’s third cooperation agreement with Ukraine is reflected in the judicial sphere, at the criminal, civil and commercial level.


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