Al-Kutbiyya Mosque in The Red City of Marrakech.

Thursday,13 May, 2021

The Marrakchi Book Mosque is a well-established Islamic landmark in Morocco’s history. Al-Kutbiyya The Mosque in Marrakech is located near the Square of the Mosque of Al-Fana. The name of the mosque is derived from the “Bookies”, the name of a book market that was close to the mosque.

Al-Kutbiyya Mosque, Marrakech

When you visit the mosque, you discover the greatness of its construction and the civilization that carried out this creative work of art, the history of the Mosque of Al-Kutbia dates back to:

The first Al-Kutbiyya Mosque was built by Caliph Abdul Moumen bin Ali al-Kumi in 1147 on the ruins of the Almoravid Stone Palace, whose architectural buildings and components were revealed by archaeological excavations.
The second mosque was built in 1158 and is similar in size to the first building, and is organized in a rectangular prayer hall with seventeen galleries vertically oriented towards the qibla, carried by harmonious columns, arches and unique crowns.

The confluence of the Qibla Gallery with its five domes and the central gallery is a faithful design of the characteristics of almohad religious architecture that have had great influence throughout the Muslim West. “Abdul Al-Moumen built another mosque in Dar al-Hajar, where he gathered on Friday, and began building the mosque, and demolished the mosque that was beneath the city built by Ali bin Yusuf.”

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