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#Amazing_Insects 🇲🇦 Voluntary initiatives to combat the coronavirus

Insects you might see for the first time in your life.

Butterfly-shaped foliage
A group of insects like leaves during the four seasons of the year


Voluntary initiative in the shadow of the Corona association of Moroccan youth

A sign that includes the date of the first meeting of the new volunteers on Tuesday 9/03 /2021

The association has lost this volunteer initiative in the light of the corona initiative to help raise awareness, raise awareness and participate in voluntary work in order to contribute to the fight against the spread of this deadly epidemic #Covid_19

#New volunteers
#Meeting for new volunteers

The #kafilaty initiative plans to organize the first networking meeting of new volunteers (season 2021), on Tuesday 09 February 2021 at 20:00 pm, via Google Meet technology (link will be published half an hour before the meeting).

The theme of the communication meeting: “Volunteering under the Corona pandemic (Covid-19)”.

An overview of each of the associations:
▪ The Atlas Youth Association.

The publication of the publicity for the date of the first meeting of the new volunteers under the title “Volunteering in the Shadow of The Corona”


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