Ancient glass bottles found in Tangier… Today

According to a report by the Northern Region Recovery and Development Agency, the finding of these glass bottles was carried out as part of the rehabilitation and valuing of the old city of Tangier, which is being carried out by the agency under the supervision and tracking of the tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region.

Antique glass bottles in Tangier

This large set of glass bottles was carefully buried on the roof of one of the shops on the wall around Dar al-Dabbagh on the east side, which was used to conserve and transport some liquids such as oil, juices, pickles and fermenters.

After being examined by the Regional Governor of Heritage, it was found that they belonged to the category of vials called Dames Jeanne, which is linked to an ancient tale dating back to the 14th century AD, noting that it was preserved as historical evidence for use in some of the city’s museum-themed exhibition sites.

The communication explained that some of these vials bore the name of the city of Barcelona and others the city of Vilella, located in the area of Taragoona, and the manufacture and use of these types of vials remained common until the mid-20th century.




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