Batna, Al-gère acquitted all detainees on charges of carrying the Amazigh cultural flag during the recent demonstrations in the country.

The Batna State Court,Al-gère January 24, 2021 issued a verdict of innocence against all the detainees of the Amazigh flag after they raised the Amazigh cultural flag 🕊 to all those who support us from near or far, especially the Defense Committee.

Statement in Amazigh:
#ⵜⵉⵍⴻⵍⵍⵉ ⵉⵢⵀⵔⵓⵔⵏ ⵎⴰⵏⵉ ⵍⴰⵏ ⴷⵉ ⴷⵣⴰⵢⴻⵔ ⵜⴰⵎⵓⵔⴻⵜ ⵏⴻⴳ ⵎⴰⵛⵉ ⵏ ⵢⵓⴷⴰⵏ ♓✌


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A pure appeal for immigrants who disappeared from 28-12-2020.


These young men from Tizi Nisli #Parmas, Tizha Ait, Tihea Ait, Tizi Nisli, Beni Melal, disappeared on Monday, 28 December 2020 from the city of Dakhla and have been said to have tried to migrate to the Canary Islands, and so far there has been no news of them. Did they really cross or not? #Luqman-Afska

, #said.

, #Asidi-Jawad

, #Abdul Aziz And Zabo

, #Moses and Zabo

, #Ismail-Bouzarda

i know something about a news that relates to these numbers… 2126785555581 0034632695624 0034632068318 0034603875471

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The distribution of used clothes was refused to be distributed to one of The Azilal’s dhows.


They addressed the officials with a kind of anger, they want real development and not charity, so they must be cut off with this policy that affects the dignity and dignity of the people, who wants good for the inhabitants of the mountains must stand by them to demand their defeated rights and looted wealth.

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What is happening in the Karkarat area is just a big and wide media war, mostly rumors in the pages loyal to the Polisario.

What is currently happening in the Karkarat region is just a large and wide media war, mostly rumors in the pages loyal to the Polisario and the generals of AlgeriaRead more is run by https://just4buzz pictures appearances by: Michael Elkan TingaRF-TAMAZIGHT


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Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Borita

Nasser Bourita, Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Morocco

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As one of the key partners of the European Union in the Southern Neighborhood, the Kingdom of Morocco represents a cornerstone of regional cooperation, in areas as diverse as trade, counterterrorism and the fight against irregular migration. Despite having adopted severe measures to contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the country is facing the pandemic-induced socio-economic challenges which are common to many countries in the region.  On the international ground, Morocco confirms its role as a crucial actor for Africa, developing a south-south cooperation strategy. Moreover, Rabat continues to play an important role in the intra-Libyans’ dialogue, as showed during the third round of talks held in Bouznika on November 4-5. 

Nasser Bourita is a Moroccan diplomat serving as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation since 5 April 2017. He was appointed Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in 2011 and then Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in 2016. He has evolved in many key positions within the ministry, from the head of United Nations Main Organs Unit, to head of United Nations Division (2003-2006) and then director of United Nations an International Organizations (2006-2009). Mr. Bourita is an alumnus of the Faculty of Law, Economics, and Humanities of Rabat, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Law in 1991.  In 1993, he earned a Certificate of Higher Studies in International Relations, followed by a master’s degree in International Public Law in 1995. 


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