Cancer ends the life of “Professor Efran”, whose influential images have taken to social media

January 27, 2021 9:26 AM

Ghazalan Hamdan… Cancer victim

She died on Tuesday evening, Professor Rabah Kamel, Afull, a graduate of the 2020 Contractors Regiment, who recently took to social media to highlight her suffering from cancer.

One of the contracting teachers posted the news of the teachers’ death on the Facebook page of “the national coordination of teachers who were forced to contract”. This is the news that came as a shock to the colleagues of the late, especially since it was not a few days after the announcement of the Minister of Education, Said Amzazi, to pay for her treatment.

The Regional Academy for Education and Training , Fez Meknes, announced earlier that after the Minister of National Education, Said Amzazi, reached out to the news of the difficult health conditions that Rabah Kamel is going through, he initiated contact with the Mohammed VI Foundation to promote the social work of education and training, resulting in the foundation paying all expenses for medicine and treatment.

According to the academy’s communication, he instructed the Regional Academy of Education and Training to the Fez Meknes to closely track the professor’s condition and speed up the settlement of her administrative file, where the academy’s interests, at the time, contacted the professor concerned to check on her condition and inform her of the action taken.

The National Coordination of Teachers, who were contracted to fez-meknes, announced its solidarity with a colleague, R.K., And2020 regiment in Afran province. Revealing that the professor has a serious cancerous tumor, and that she has not yet been able to do so and does not yet have access to health coverage, which deepened her suffering with the high costs.

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