By Najib Al-Adadi……. Morocco as a regional military intelligence force ….

Saturday, 22 May2021

🔴 The Kingdom of Morocco is an emerging economic, military and intelligence force.

By Dr. #Najib_Al-Adadi

The Honourable Kingdom of Morocco will become a rising regional power, thanks to God, his power and the wisdom of his wise leadership, the loyal men loyal to this country, and the great Moroccan people.

I told her many times and times before, and I asked to record my blog posts in private notes, and I ask everyone again to do the same to be a witness to my words in the next 10 years…

Today I say that the Kingdom of Morocco will become a global military and intelligence force … This is why Europe fears this blessed Moroccan awakening.

I also ask all social media pioneers to write it down on my responsibility to argue with me in the future if he is at a lifetime.

This military and intelligence force is reflected in the following:
▪ First: Communication technology and control of cyber warfare
▪ secondly: the industries of tubers and aircraft
▪ thirdly, possessing “deterrence” and here I will not give at least a more explanation now before this year’s glorious throne speech.

So Morocco is an economic, military and intelligence force by the beginning of 2030…

Victory and empowerment for His Majesty King Mohammed VI, prince of believers, of the great Moroccan people, and for all enemies…

We will win hopefully carefully the merciful and the soldiers of the invisible who are ready to provide their blood in order to preserve the dignity and honor of this precious country, which is proud and pushes towards sharpening concerns and resolves and strengthening wills…

#Morocco first and last

Ceuta and Melilla_ Two Moroccan cities.

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