China once again dazzles the world by building the world’s first horizontal skyscraper…

In China, the idea of changing all the traditions of construction and expansion horizontally rather than vertically has been revealed in a move that is the boldest and strangest in the history of global real estate.

China has successfully built the eighth and final skyscraper, the Raffles City project in the gambling city of Chongqing, which consists of eight skyscrapers on the banks of the river, two at an altitude of 350 meters, while the other six are 250 meters high and another skyscraper stretches horizontally 300 meters to connect the other eight skyscrapers.

Raffles City is a massive 300-metre skyscraper that supports its 250-metre curved structure with four multi-use towers including offices, apartments, hotels and shops. A pair of high towers (350 metres) connect them to two smaller space bridges. The total number of towers in the project is eight towers and a steel structure weighing up to 12 thousand tons has been used in the construction of the horizontal skyscraper, which is equivalent to the total weight of the Eiffel Tower in France, which includes a main swimming pool of 50×8 meters and a swimming pool adjacent to children with an area of 10×8m.



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