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Dimà Trabelsy is creative with wonderful words. From Red Tunisia🇹🇳

It’s 8:00 a.m. city time.
It’s a little quiet.
She’s lying on a sofa that’s been on her for years while she’s been there. In a house they had recently bought cheaply in a remote town in a village.

Her head is up, staring at the ceiling of the room.
She slowly turns her head towards the wall clock and moves her leg, which drools from the couch, to coincide with the clock.
It’s been hours since she got home.

He sprays the ground, opening an arm and the other rest to the bottom of his head. The sun’s rays sneak through the window caressing under his mouth towards his fingers….

  • How many dreams died here?She says she keeps moving her leg hanging from the couch.
    He says without opening his eyes….
  • How many friends have visited this place with a new dream or champagne. ؟The silence is spreading again…..
    She stretched her leg towards his face, caressing his beard. Then his lips. His nose….
  • Mad with his fingers caressing.
  • What now?
  • It makes me feel weird being here…..
  • I used to think of you for a long time, to occupy my mind and you’re lying like this in the ground. It makes me feel weird.
  • He laughed a lot and then got up….
  • Here I am.
  • The earth. I’m going to sit on the couch too……
  • Does that make you feel better?
  • It’s not your earth’s infatuation that worries me. Your presence here makes your features familiar.
  • That’s so easy. I want to get tired…..
  • When I see you after a while and find you as you were in my imagination, there’s always joy.
  • Are we going to go through this again?
  • He said he was caressing her face…….
  • We won’t……
  • We barely do, darling…..
  • All right.. I want my looks to change. In here……
  • Changing the human form is a biological and natural imperative……
  • You can exhaust your brain later in regaining my shape when you’re young, you’re not going to keep running away again.She extended her hands to his head. She lifted up her dress. I mediated his legs and kissed his left ear…..
  • He wrapped his arms around her waist…..
  • The what? Now…….
  • Now or never ……..
  • Here and forever……..

Official page Dimà Trabelsy

Official page Dimà Trabelsy


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  1. The woman
    that I wanted
    in the course of my life
    her face

    although I
    she never touched
    she stays
    she speaks to me
    look me in the eye
    even after years
    in myself

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