Queen T back to life, by reconstructingbrought…

23/02 /2021

It’s really nice that science and technology are evolving so that we can recognize the faces of… And the creation of human beings who had once owned the world, including… Until they compare themselves to the Creator and call themselves “God.”

It is wonderful that technology and science bring us closer to the features of man through the years of time, yes it is also like traveling through time by evokeing the features of a human face over thousands of years is a beautiful thing shared with you some pictures with the links of their sources.

brought Queen T back to life by reconstructing parts of her face using high tech photogrammetry,
wife of king Amenhotep III and
Mother of king Akhenaten, and grandmother King Tutankhamun.

high tech photogrammetry


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    1. It is the story of Queen Tenifretti, the wife of King Amenhotep and daughter of King Amon Ra. Well, I’m going to write an article about her story, i’ll collect excerpts from each book, and I’ll add it to a beautiful writing… Thanks for the real picture according to the technology reached by archaeology and history to give this beautiful through 3D vision.

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