Giant Griffon Eagles return to Morocco after 40 years of absence 🦅🇲🇦

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Griffon Eagle, the largest eagle in the family of birds of prey in the ancient world, is flying over Morocco again after 40 years of absence, thanks to a resettlement programme implemented by the Department of the High Commissioner for Water and Forestry in partnership with
GREPOM / BirdLife Maroc

The first step towards reintroducing griffon Vulture into the wild in Morocco dates back to 2017, with the launch of five eagles by the Department of Water and Forestry, and since then, the department, in partnership with GREPOM /BirdLife Maroc, has made great efforts that have helped achieve today’s success.

“It’s really a pleasure to see griffon eagles mating and breeding for the first time in Mount Moses, where they were breeding in Morocco until the 1980s, but the known colonies remained and the species probably disappeared from the kingdom afterwards,” said Khadija Boras, executive director of the Research Group for bird protection, Grepom.

The successful project was carried out at the Eagles Rehabilitation Centre on the southern shore of the Strait of Gibraltar, on top of the majestic Mount Moses, a biological and environmental site, and the centre, co-managed by GREPOM BirdLife Maroc and the Department of Water and Forestry, was opened.







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