Happy Amazigh New year 2971 for all the Amazighs of the world

Happy Amazigh year for all the Amazighs of the world January 11, 2021 marks the beginning of the New Year 2971 in Amazigh history. Today, the Amazigh people in all North Africa and all the world celebrate the coming of the Amazigh New Year with different and fun celebrations within the customs and traditions of the Amazigh people every New Year’s Eve, where one of the traditional Amazigh food is prepared. It is for the Amazigh people, which is the food of living where a ring is placed inside it and is called in Amazigh (tagala n yanayr, where the winner and the recipient of the ring receive a gift on New Year’s Eve and is called in Amazigh language)Tasamrort and its meaning gift… And the next day The Amazigh person wakes up early and performs all his duties and duties on that first day in a firm belief that he will continue to work as he must be active, cheerful and happy to give a beautiful picture for next year… While he is keen to wash and cook completely on The Evening of the Amazigh New Year, yesterday before the arrival of this beautiful day and on this occasion I greet my relatives and all the Amazighs of the world in the New Year amazigh and every year we and you and all the world are good

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Everyone doesn’t know why we’re #ءيمازيغن we’re going to celebrate the Amazigh Year 2971…
We are celebrating the Amazigh year 2971, which is the second oldest year in the world after the Hebrew year, the year whose beginnings date back to a great event, the victory of the Amazigh against the Pharaohs of Egypt under the leadership of The Amazigh King Shisnak and his victory over The King of Egypt, Pharaoh Ramses III, in 950 B.C., this battle took place on the banks of the Nile river after a failed attempt by the Pharaohs to seize the eastern Amazigh lands and to appeal to Amazigh east of Tamzga by King Schenak and with this great victory he ascended the throne of the Pharaohs.

The 22nd dynasty ruled and the Amazigh ruled Egypt to the limits of the 26th dynasty, restoring rule to the Pharaohs. As well as the Amazigh year or the so-called Ayd Ayyan january marks the beginning of the agricultural season in Amazigh and the celebration became a celebration of victory and the celebration of the beginning of a good agricultural season, all the peoples of North Africa celebrated this great event, whether Amazigh speakers or Arabin in villages and cities and with different names, some of whom call it “Hakouza”, some of whom call it the *ynayr(January), and some of them call it the agricultural year , all of which apply to the Amazigh year.

All are names that apply to the Amazigh Year. The Amazigh Year is different from other years, such as Hijri, Hebrew and Christianity, as it is not religious or doctrinal, it is a year of historical event and victory over the Pharaohs. Amazigh celebrates this year a variety of cuisines and rituals, which are varied and rich according to the regions and type of agriculture scattered in their regions, but there is something that brings them together, where most of them celebrate the xx of vegetables, meat and silk and put a seed for dates and who found them while drinking it is lucky and his year will be full of joy, pleasure and abundant livelihood…. It also features cuisine Also characterized by Amazigh New Year foods dates, dried figs and dry fruits and these foods henna for young children and brides aficionados to marry and in their traditional clothes and enjoyjoy, dance, singing and when the families meet they have a drink ing tea and talking about agriculture and the affairs of the tribe and livestock.

The Scheink Amazigh King, inaugurated in the center of TIZI OUZO (near the City Museum) this Tuesday, on the occasion of the 2971 AMAZIGH HISTORIE , the length of the statue is 5 meters long.

The 5-meter statue of King Shisnakando, which was inaugurated in the Area of Al-Kabbal Tizi and Zou ALGÉRIE



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