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Hello, I hope you’re okay. 

A few years ago, I had quite a problem. 

I didn’t dare show myself on the networks. 

– What if they recognize me? 

“What if my family sees me?”

– What if my boss sees me?!

All these questions did not make me WANT to sell on the internet. 

And that’s understandable! 

Colleges would not have understood anything at the time 

My family would have wondered why I was doing all this while I was in engineering school alternating

My boss would have gone crazy (he would probably have fired me)

On top of that, I was extremely shy. 

So shy that it was impossible for me to post a video of myself on the networks…

Today, if you are in this situation, I understand you 2000%

Even if I overstepped, I tell myself that sometimes anonymity is not so bad on the internet. 

No one recognizes you… no one bothers you, you don’t have to answer to anyone… 

Sometimes you just want the good sides of things

In this case: sell on the internet while being 100% anonymous 

– Without showing his face

-Without giving his real name 

– Staying quiet in his corner.

And in fact… it’s 100% possible

(I’m exactly applying this system with my girlfriend who’s also starting a business)

So I recap:

If today you think that the internet and social networks are not for you because you have to show yourself, you are wrong!

There are solutions… and they’re much simpler than you think. 

Tu es dans le faux … à 100%. 

If for you to earn money on the internet – show his face

And I’m going to prove it to you. 

A few months ago, I had prepared an express program called “Sell Without Face”

This program is a big success with a lot of success on the customer side. 

The problem? Its price which was very selective (147)

What’s the deal? We opened 100 coupons to get it for only 27 euros (code: VSV)

100 coupons on an email list of 50,000 people is very little… but at least the most motivated will benefit. 

I think tomorrow the codes will be exhausted…

Get SALE WITHOUT VISAGE for €27 with the VSV coupon and start selling on the internet WITHOUT exposing yourself!



Mohamed Mobarak

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