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Did I abuse a good part of that Wednesday afternoon when I had planned to do a lot of things? Obviously! So here I am a little groggy for writing this article which takes up the list of many films I have seen in 2020. There is still a nice selection in this article, but no favorites this time:

Freedom Writers

Yeah, me too.

If I really liked this film inspired by a true story, I find it very hard to believe this anecdote of the pearl necklace, all the same. In practical terms, we are told the story of an English teacher who managed to break up part of the American education system in spite of herself and made sure to help an entire class by providing them with tools to face life. How did she do it? Asking them to write diaries and devoting them all his time, and landing in their lives with a good dose of naivety about what life is. At least it shows how much you can also learn as a teacher in front of students.

It’s always a little frustrating these kind of movies when you’re a teacher yourself, because it idealizes a lot of things and it makes a simple human sacrifice that must have been huge for this woman. I haven’t read the book from which the film is made, but I’m thinking about it, because I still wonder how it all came together, and especially how it was successful.

The blow of the diaries is more than a snack in terms of what we can read… The film is well helped by a very nice cast and a fairly classic production, but it’s looked at. I came out too frustrated for it to be a crush, but he’s very friendly. Never watch movies about your job!


The story of a casino and its executives, roughly speaking. You can’t make it any simpler as a summary, can you? And yet, this film lasts a long time. I’ve seen it twice, which shouldn’t help my impression, but I really felt that the film was going on forever and I had a hard time hanging on to its narration. Indeed, everything is told in voice-over, it speaks non-stop and it ends up making you nauseous and being too much.

In any case, that is the feeling I had. It’s a good movie, with a crazy cast, but it got me drunk, literally. I do not regret having gone to the end for all that: the story is well done and is interesting. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

It’s Kind of a Funny Story

Oh, that movie title was telling me something so when I found it, I thought why not. Well did it to me, since I immediately recognized the atypical actor and it motivated me enormously. Add to that that there is then Emma Roberts and I was delighted by the cast (which also brings Viola Davies back into the mix, go find out why).

Well, then, then, let’s see what the film says, and again, it worked well on me: we follow the story of a teenager who goes to a psychiatric hospital to get an intern. And that works on me? I think it’s good to have films to make us discover certain realities – okay, the hero of this film is in his world and we’re making fun a disease that isn’t; but there’s the reality of the hospital that’s still there.

It’s important to make certain diseases visible and not to trivialize depression – real depression. On that side, the film does a good job, but finally, as I said above, it remains a very romanticized vision of things and it is not an inescapable film. He has script-tell facilities and moments that are much less convincing than others.

American Beauty

Directed by Sam Mendes, this film is also a film I had heard a lot about before I decided to see it. To be honest, I even thought it was part of my “100 movies to see before you die” poster, but it wasn’t; unlike Casino above. What’s this movie about? The quiet life of a family in an American suburb. Finally, life is quiet in appearance, but as soon as you scratch the surface a little bit, nothing goes more.And nothing goes either when the husband falls in love with a friend of his daughter.”

Concretely, the film is very nice: it’s a Desperate Housewives before the time – so possibly an inspiration for the creator of the series? Except it’s not just about the housewife. And it works well as a movie. Again, I find it hard to fit him in the essentials, despite his cult scene, which serves as a poster for the film, with the roses. I see it more as a perfect film as a background sound to do other things at the same time. The purists and the fans are going to come across me, Sorry.

Gorillas in the mist

After catching up with season 4 of Ten For Cent, I wanted to see a Sigourney Weaver movie. The list is so long that I wasn’t sure where to start, but the title of it really intrigued me so I started thinking it was probably a good movie, and it was. It follows the actress in the role of an anthropologist, Dian Fossey, who has spent much of his life studying and protecting gorillas on the Rwanda-Zaire border.

She is a renowned anthropologist, who really existed and whose face I realized during the film that I knew the face: some of the photos are very famous. The film is friendly and endearing at many times, but life is sometimes a bitch with people who don’t necessarily deserve it. It is in any case a good biopic, which almost makes you want to adopt a gorilla and shows us the evolution of a woman who says goodbye to civilization and radically changes live, It’s interesting, I liked it.


In line with the first film of this article, another article that shows us the limits of the American school system. It’s stifling, it plunges us into a realism sometimes cold and it resonates wickedly with problems that are very current in France. The main character, on the other hand, is not so endearing… This is obviously wanted, since we follow a replacement somewhat jaded by his work and his poverty. Hey, I’m a substitute and poor, too.I’m still waiting for the promised increases for January after I’ve had my salary, by the way, know it.

I don’t have much more to say about this film, except that a few scenes were striking (especially the end, even if we see it coming from afar)… and the others not at all. Let’s put it this way: I forgot a lot of it less than three months after I saw it. This is not a particularly good sign, so is it worth a visit? Nothing is less certain!


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