A delegation from the Royal

A delegation from the Royal Court in Tangier came to see the details of the tragedy that rocked the city, after 28 people were killed by floods leaking into a secret textile factory.

The delegation includes advisers in the king’s private writing, who are expected to visit the families of the victims to console them, as well as to help them in the tragic circumstances they experienced after receiving the news of the tragedy.

The delegation met with the governor of the side, whose phone had been ringing without stopping all day, where he received a call from the Interior Minister and other senior officials to put them in the picture.

Sources did not rule out that the interior minister and senior security and judicial officials will be dissolved in Tangier on Tuesday, while some sources said that the minister of justice will be in Tangier next Thursday.



As part of preparations for the 2021 African Lion Exercises, which will take place between June 7 and 18, a U.S. delegation paid a special visit to the southern military region in January.
The visit was interspersed with several workshops to prepare for the various stages of the exercises, including land, air, sea and humanitarian aspects.

Several sites were also visited, which will host some stages of the exercises, such as Tifnet, Tantan and Al-Mahsa, and Tafraut and Dakhla, which are expected to host the humanitarian medical stages of the exercises.
The inclusion of the Dakhla and Al-Mahlab areas in these exercises comes as part of the download of the American recognition of the Unreversing Moroccan sahara.


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