Morocco has decided to file a lawsuit with the Criminal Court in Paris against the International Forbidden Stores and Amnesty.

🔴Morocco has decided to file a lawsuit with the Criminal Court in Paris against the International Forbidden Stores and Amnesty International for defamation, a lawyer appointed by the kingdom to pursue the case said in a statement published by AFP on Thursday.

“The Kingdom of Morocco and its Ambassador to France, Shakib Benmosi, have fully addressed Olivier Baratelli to file direct defamation calls,” the statement said”.

The first procedural hearing is scheduled for October 8th before the Press Law Service, but the trial is not expected to begin nearly two years ago.

“The Kingdom of Morocco immediately intends to take the case to the French judiciary because it wants to shed light on the false allegations of these two organizations, which provided elements without any concrete and substantiated evidence,” Baratelli said. “The Moroccan state considers that it is facing a new case and that the past has clearly proved easy to draw wrong conclusions from such practices,” the lawyer said, denouncing “a baseless media-motivated trial that has been fabricated to destabilize the deep diplomatic relations between Morocco and France”.

Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Borita.

The Kingdom of Morocco intends to “not leave the lies and false news published in recent days unpunished”.

As of Monday, the Moroccan government had defended itself by denying that it had “information software to hack into communication devices”. Morocco on Wednesday announced the use of the judicial process.

“Morocco, strong in its rights and convinced of the validity of its position, has chosen to pursue legal and judicial endeavour in Morocco and internationally, to stand up to any party seeking to exploit these false allegations,” the government said in a brief statement.








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