Urgent:Judge Puts “Tangier factory” to Prison. Because The tragedy. known as the #victims_of_Tangier

17/02/2021 Wednesday

The investigating judge of the Court of First Instance in Tangier decided earlier in Thursday the year to deposit the official of the “secret factory”, the local prison for research ing with him about the tragedy that killed 28 workers drowned in the rain in our country in the past weeks, where the tragedy had an international and local resonance, resulting in the sinking of the factory and 28 workers who were trapped in it by water until their death.

It is for God and I to him to return.

An urgent investigation has been opened.
The case was referred directly to the Court of Appeal, which ruled that the case was not competent, so that the case would be referred to the Public Prosecutor of the Court of First Instance, which requested the investigating judge to open a preparatory investigation in the face of the matter.

A picture of Moroccan auxiliary forces and civilian protection during the rescue operation with a lens Hespress

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