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Learn about basma’s kuwaiti biography after she converted to “Judaism”

During the past few days in the last week , the Kuwaiti artist Basma announced her reversion to Islam and converted to Judaism, through a video posted on social media, and the video was met with a fierce attack and sharp reactions from followers who demanded her arrest and accountability, as she attacks one of the divine religions.

She expressed through the video that she abandoned Islam because he despises women and decreases them. According to the kuwaiti artist and singer… Forgetting that before Islam, women were an insult in the Levant, and the history of this region was marred by the trade in the neighborhoods and the destruction of girls… I mean burying the babies of females while they are alive until the light of Islam shines in the Levant to raise the status of women and become rights and opinions within the Arab society in particular.

A picture of the artist Basma from the video in which she declared her abandonment from Islam Religion

We publish, 6 information about the Kuwaiti artist Basma after announcing her apostasy from Islam and converting to Judaism: — She is from Eritrea born on 17 September 1975.

Singer Basma Al-Kuwaiti

– Her nationality is Iraqi but she was born in Kuwait. – She claimed kuwaiti citizenship but did not obtain it. – She has a daughter named Fatima, 9 years old. – They married a Gulf wealthy and the truth is that she is married to art, she said.


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