Mazagan or Mazaghan, A city that blends Portuguese and Moroccan culture…

26/02/2021, February Riad Eucalyptus

The ancient city of Magakan (El_jadida) , now known as al-Jadida, was built and fortified by the Portuguese, who created a group of fortified and fenced houses as a fortified colony of the Atlantic coast at the beginning of the 16th century, but was later restored by the Moroccans in 1769.

Its strategic location played a major role in raising its value, as it is located on the road to land trade towards India and the Middle East, so it was taken as a port of great ships and the portuguese fleet, from which grain, livestock, leather and tissues are transported, and a series of legends about its discovery have woven a range of geometric shapes that belong to it.

A picture from Riad Eucalyptus for the wall of the old city and the marina

The mazakan represented examples of Renaissance military architecture, in portuguese buildings that are still visible to this day are the basin and the Church of the Ascension, and the old city of Magakan (El_jadida) , where Portuguese explorers in West Africa resided on their way to India, was an exceptional witness to the mixed influences of European and Moroccan culture manifested by architectural landmarks, and was classified as a world human heritage by UNESCO.

A picture from Riad Eucalyptus terrace
A video from Riad Eucalyptus


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