Moroccan boxer Omar Abu Zaitera… Inside the phantom spying vortex of Pegasus.

Moroccan boxer Omar Zaiter reveals “Forbes” games and exposes the owners of the false espionage list.

In dramatic developments for The Forbes stores and amnesty, boxer Omar Zaiter took to Instagram to talk about how he found himself inside the whirlwind of espionage allegations that have been promoted by anti-Moroccan organizations.

Omar Zaiter, the alleged spy list, was exposed, exposing the complicity of German journalists offering their services to alleged “victims” of Moroccan authorities’ espionage.
“Like all Moroccans, I was congratulating my friends on Eid al-Adha, and suddenly I got a call from a German number,” Omar Zaiter said in a blog post on his official Instagram account. It didn’t include a congratulatory message, but it was a strange surprise.”

Omar Abu Zaiter continued: “The lady presented herself as Christiana Ludwig (+491) … From the German daily Suddeutsche Zeitung-Azaitar (full telephone number publication), a German journalist defending the rights of German citizens against the Moroccan authorities!!.

I was shocked to tell me that my name was on a list of journalists and lawyers circulated by a press organization, claiming that I was a victim of espionage without my knowledge. More seriously, this German journalist tried to seduce me to target certain institutions in Morocco.”

The same spokesman stressed: “I was clear and honest with this reporter, I told her that before I became Germany, I am above all Moroccan, and I am an athlete who has nothing to do with this kind of problem and I have never been a victim of any espionage activity.

I have nothing to say to these people and I don’t even know what their goals are and why they called me. I tell them and those who put my name on this list without my knowledge, that I do not accept the use of my name in suspicious subjects. I will not stop there, especially if I discover that a foreign person or entity is trying to use my name and my family name to harm Morocco, my country.”








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