Dakhla International Port, nearly $1 billion financial cover project🇲🇦

Morocco’s official Channel 1 finally broadcasts the good news:

🔴 The port of Dakhla will have three port units.

🔴 Commercial port station specializing in goods and container shipping.

🔴 Port fishing station on the high seas.

🔴 Port Shipbuilding Station.

🔴 The area of the port will be more than 1,600 hectares.

The announcement of such important information highlights that the state is moving to speed up the pace of construction of the port and may see it walk before the end of the current decade, i.e. before reaching 2030.

Note The port can be completed in just 4 years, but because it is a project linked to the industrial zone, they will be built in parallel.

The project belongs to a Moroccan labor company… This project, which will be known as the light in 2030.




Mohamed Mobarak

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