Morocco leads efforts to stop Israeli attacks in Palestine…..

Saturday,15 May, 2021

The Kingdom of Morocco is leading moves to stop The Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people and attempts to undermine the legal status of Jerusalem.

The resumption of relations between Rabat and Tel Aviv has not changed the Kingdom of Morocco’s historical positions on the Palestinian issue, which the Moroccan people consider a national issue, a clear position that King Mohammed VI was keen to confirm after the tripartite agreement that brought Morocco, Israel and America together.

According to information from responsible sources from the electronic newspaper Hespress, Morocco has, since the beginning of the current Israeli aggression, initiated intensive contacts with many parties to stop the escalation and return to the table, especially since support for the Palestinian cause has a royal follow-up in Morocco.

The final statement issued by the virtual emergency meeting of the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) praised “the role played by the presidency of the Jerusalem Committee for the Protection of Jerusalem holy sites and the actions of the Israeli occupation authorities with the aim of judaizing the Holy City.”

Some sources following the developments suggested that the recent Israeli attacks would prompt an urgent meeting of the Jerusalem Committee, chaired by King Mohammed VI, to come up with a strong Arab initiative to calm the situation on both sides, preserve the special status of Jerusalem and protect the Islamic character of the city and the sanctity of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

King Mohammed VI told Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that the Jerusalem Committee would soon be invited to meet at its 21st session in The Kingdom of Morocco, coinciding with the resumption of relations between Rabat and Tel Aviv.

Jamal Al-Shobaki, the Palestinian ambassador to Rabat, praised Morocco’s balanced presence at the emergency meeting of the Arab League at the ministerial level, which discussed Arab and international action to counter Israeli attacks on the Palestinian people in Jerusalem.

In a statement to the online newspaper Hespress, Al-Shobaki noted Morocco’s presence in an Arab ministerial committee tasked with following up on international movements and communicating with permanent members of the UN Security Council and other internationally influential countries to urge them to take practical steps to stop Illegal Israeli policies and actions.

The Palestinian ambassador added that Morocco demanded to be an active member of this committee because King Mohammed VI is the chairman of the Jerusalem Committee, and said in the same regard: “We commend Morocco’s standing with us as king, government and people,” also praising the role of the Beit Mal Al-Quds Agency, which supports the steadfastness of the Jerusalemites.

On Morocco’s moves, the Palestinian ambassador noted that King Mohammed VI had spoken of Morocco’s intention to call the Jerusalem Committee meeting, “and we believe that this is the right time to support the steadfastness of the Jerusalemites and raise our case to international levels so that this racial discrimination against our people and the persecution of the Israeli occupation, which is considered the ugliest in history, will stop.”

King Mohammed VI chairs the Meeting of the Jerusalem Committee. Photos from the archives

The Palestinian ambassador accredited to the Kingdom of Morocco called for international intervention to stop the aggression, adding that “Israel cannot remain above the law and without accountability”, adding that “if Israel wants to live in peace in the region, it must recognize the rights of the Palestinians and stop these practices”.

“What is happening today is a small catastrophe, which comes in memory of the Great Nakba, and what happened in 1948 is repeated by Israel today,” Ambassador Shobaki told Hespress, calling what is happening “a war crime and a dedication to the apartheid regime”.

The Palestinian diplomat stressed that Jerusalem had proved to be incapable of change, the political, economic and religious capital, praising the unification of the Palestinian ranks in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza in defence of Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem.

Morocco sends humanitarian aid to Palestine

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