Morocco looks to bring in new shipment of new Corona vaccine 15/ 02/2021

Several reliable sources confirmed the intention of our Kingdom of Morocco to bring new shipments of the coronavirus vaccine, where informed sources confirmed a moroccan flight to receive the next shipment of the vaccine of coronavirus yesterday.

A Moroccan plane flew to Beijing monday morning to bring a new shipment of China’s “#Sinua” vaccine against the # corona_virus, informed sources said.


On 15/03 a.m., the Head of the Moroccan Government Saad eddin Al-Othmani tweeted his intention to go on an official mission to represent His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Nasrallah Mughra:

President of the Moroccan Government Mr.
Saad eddin Al-Othmani

This morning, I am honored to go to #N’djamena, capital of the Republic of #Chad, to represent His Majesty the King at the G5- Sahel summit, and to confirm that #Morocco is constantly standing by his brothers in the region to meet various challenges.

President of the Moroccan Government Mr.
Saad eddin Al-Othmani

The participation of the Moroccan delegation in this conference is in response to the generous invitation received by His Majesty the King from His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Ould Cheikh Ould Ghozani, President of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, and His Excellency Field Marshal Mr. Idris Sedibe Intu, President of the Republic of Chad and current President of the Group of Five Sahel States.


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