Morocco- Nigeria gas pipeline announced… 🇳🇬&🇲🇦

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The Nigerian federal government is preparing to build a gas pipeline between Nigeria and Morocco, said Yusuf Osman, director general of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

Abdel nabi Abu al-Arab, an economic analyst, said the announcement was made this time by Nigeria and did not come from Morocco, which definitively confirms the credibility and feasibility of this major continental energy economic project.

“The project will truly reflect one of the economic, political, strategic and energy integrations on the African continent,” he said, adding that it is “good news for all 13 West African countries through which this pipeline will pass, because it will be a major economic and development hub in the level of creating the infrastructure and energy necessary to launch development, investment and economic take-off for all these countries.”

“The gas pipeline will be launched from Nigeria and will pass through all the countries concerned, either to take advantage of the gas, thereby providing the energy supply needed for development projects and economic take-off, or to pump natural gas into the countries that produce it,” the economic analyst said.

As new producing States, Senegal and Mauritania were heavily concerned with the pipeline, as it would be of paramount importance to them and would open the door to markets to which their gas could be exported, particularly towards Europe, the world’s largest energy market.

“The project is the culmination of His Majesty the King’s tremendous efforts over two decades tirelessly and tirelessly, culminating in efforts to penetrate the traditional anti-Moroccan front that was passing through Algeria, Abuja and Pretoria,” Abu al-Arab said. Today, with this declaration, the seriousness and credibility of this energy project, which has been marred by the kingdom’s enemies with another pipeline project, is certainly not in any conditions for success.”

The economic analyst stressed that the project “will create the necessary rapprochement with all countries of Africa, especially with countries that have traditionally been hostile to Morocco, and confirm the power of open economic and diplomatic keys in creating the necessary links and convergence between views and national policies of countries”.

“Morocco has a lot to offer the continent at the development level and continental integration,” He said, noting that “Africa needs projects that are great in the logic of economic, political and social integration, and this is the solution to the dilemmas of migration, poverty and underdevelopment that the continent is experiencing against border closure approaches and the creation of marginal conflicts and fictitious entities.”

The Director-General of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NPC) highlighted that the Nigerian government had completed plans to embody the large project, recalling the signing of an agreement between Morocco and Nigeria during a ceremony chaired by King Mohammed VI and Nigerian President Mohamed Bukhari.







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