Noor Solar Project in Ouarzazate is one of the largest renewable energy projects in the world

receives endless solar power throughout the year, up to 300 days a year, clean and renewable energy, through which much electricity can be produced through the use of solar panels.

The kingdom has set ambitious targets to increase its share of the renewable energy mix to 42% by 2020 and to 52% by 2030.

To reduce fuel dependence and benefit from renewable energy, especially solar energy, Morocco has launched its huge project “Noor”, where the Noor solar complex in Ouarzazate is one of the largest Renewable energy projects in the world

‏The Noor Energy Project,the world’s biggest solar project, will help Dubai to reduce its power consumption. Did you know that molten salt, produced by basf_global is used to store the energy

The first phase of the phase, launched in early 2016, is the operation of the first plant Noor 1 with a production capacity of 160 MW and a storage capacity of three MW, and the second and third phases were launched in 2019, where the second station “Noor2” has a production capacity of more than 200 MW, making it the largest vehicle capacity in the world, while the production capacity of Noor 3 is 150 MW, the largest in the world among the central towers.The “Noor Warzat” project remains one of the strategic components of the national renewable energies that Morocco has engaged in, which depends on the import of 97% of fuel, which means a significant relief on the Moroccan economy as the project is completed.



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