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👣The third part of our journey, a visit to Tamanart and the presence of the folklore “Ahwash”

Well, I will tell you about our journey during the discovery of the secret of the five-year area and the night of our place in Aqqa… Well, then w تهe decided to go to our destination with the Swiss Carnival of Simone . We are ready to visit Tamanart, a town in The Tatta region, Tamanart is a rural village in The Tatta region in the Souss Massa region of Morocco. The total population of the municipality of Tamenart was 7,217, living in 1,516 families. (Official Census 2004)

where the show “Ahwash”, a kind of anthropology music that emanates from the region’s desert and desert population in the south of the kingdom… It is truly a cultural heritage, lips, not material… Known for poetry, literature and purposeful art. The art of “Ahwash” is a Tamanart in which he knows the so-called “Andam” .

Photo from a field in the town of Tamnar, Morocco

“Andam” is a kind of free poetry where there is a duel between the poets of the town… What is special about this art is the participation of both sexes, men and women, in the revival of this local festival.The art of awamawar in the town of Tamanart in Amazigh, which is the local language of this town, where its roots go back to the distant and contemporary history where the sons of the town and while i roamed it learned from the inhabitant,

which I speak Amazigh by virtue of the fact that my father Amazigh despite my nudity and my birth in the desert, but I mastered the Amazigh language as Hasania dialect we have known in the desert… Well, I’ll take you back to the subject where the art of “Ahwash” in which they also repeat group songs in Amazigh, the local language.

Well, my friend Simon was very happy about this, i liked our visit to Tamanart and enjoyed dancing and singing.

After enjoying this fun show, we decided to stay in one of the guest houses in order to enjoy the fresh air and the unique services they offer.

by: Mohamed Mobarak


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