“Saad Lamjarred – LGHADI WEHDOU | 2021 |…. The arabic Trend Song

The song of the Morocco’s artist “Saad Lamjarred – LGHADI WEHDOU  | 2021 |…. This song has reached international fame… To lead the Arab strands…. Moroccan artist and star Saad Lamjarred combined the popular fonchlor of the houaria song that emerges from the souss massa dara… Where Oulad Teima https://maps.app.goo.gl/yzQi3G27iyioXDNG8 Where i was known for their dance of the noodles to the rhythms of the Moroccan folk funklors in this region.

The lyrics of this song revolve around the call to the person who wanders around the forest alone and here this person changes according to the sex that sings the song… Because he’s calling this guy to get to know him… It is a wonderful song of mixing contemporary art with popular folklore, in which the moroccan artist and star, who is as bright as ever, has created moroccan art and artists.


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