Suez Canal: A delinquent ship and a small bulldozer spark a wave of ridicule on social media

27 March 2021

سفينة الشحن العملاقة العالقة في قناة السويس
She issues #Suez Canal and #The ship

The derailment of the giant cargo ship Ever Gifin in the Suez Canal has sparked a huge reaction and a wave of ridicule that has swept social media around the world.

Work is still under way to refloat the huge container ship, having drifted tuesday morning into the Suez Canal waterway, causing a traffic disruption on both sides of the canal north and south.

She issues #Suez Canal and #The ship. social media sites in Egypt and in a number of Arab countries.

Khaled Simeon said: “For more than a century the Suez Canal is a vital, economic and political artery for Egypt, is it possible that all the governments and regimes that rolled over Egypt did not think about the possibility of drifting a ship in it and equipping basic equipment for this possibility and training rescue teams? “This is a big challenge for Egypt that we hope will win without the help of any other countries.”




Mohamed Mobarak

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