Israel speaks in Arabic page official was cited last Friday in the context of the restoration of Moroccan-Israeli relations

Israel speaks in Arabic officiel page was cited last Friday in the context of the restoration of Moroccan-Israeli relations and the reactivation of the two communication centres. The Israel page speaks in Arabic, speaking of the sentiment and sentiment of Ambassador David Jofren Yuma’s official representative last Friday as a special day for Moroccans, especially in the world.

Islam in general because of its holiness and customs of its own, such as wearing dresses, performing Friday prayers and eating a delicious Moroccan couscous meal. The latter was commented on by the words of the ambassador himself, who describes his sense of history and nostalgia, history and roots that bind Moroccan Jews to their homeland, customs and traditions, which they spoke about in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Ambassador of Israel 🇮🇱
David Joffrin

Israel’s official representative in Morocco🇲🇦, Ambassador David Joffrin, said: “Today I wore Moroccan dresses, and I was very happy, and when I reflected on why I was happy, I found it wonderful to wear an elegant and luxurious dress, and also to reveal a long history. Indeed, Morocco’s heritage, culture and arts are an inexhaustible treasure. A blessed Friday for all of you!



Representation in what looks like the image of His Majesty in a picture and words indicating the level of moral and professional degradation of al-Shorouk Al-gère channel.

His Majesty King Mohammed VI👑

There was a thunderous and shocking response from all Moroccans in defending the symbol of the kingdom and its king with all their ideological and religious orientations. Where there were demonstrations against what was promoted throughout the Kingdom in a date with the march next Friday against al-Shorouk The State of Al-gère tv. Who incites her from behind…. Moroccans across all parts of the world and through all the arab and Western social media expressed their support for their king and not to be silent about this insult, represented by the people’s absence over their king… Greetings to you Mobarak Mohammed… Except King Mohammed VI👑… We have a crown over our head 🇲🇦👑


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