The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs expressed its deepest condolences to the government and people of the sister Kingdom of Morocco for the victims of the rains in Tangier, which left dozens dead and injured.
The spokesman stressed @DAAlfayez kingdom’s solidarity with the government and people of the sister Kingdom of Morocco in this painful injury



Extending the use of the national vaccination process to include groups aged 65 and over, after the Kingdom of Morocco reached a third batch of the vaccine against Covid-19, Friday, February 12, 2021.


Friday,12 February, 2021

Tangier. The “secret” lab has a commercial record and a rental contract to carry out its activities

The tragedy of the “stricken” sewing plant continues to cast a shadow over Tangier, followed by a discussion about the legal status of the plant, which turned out to be publicly, according to documents containing a lease and a commercial register, revealed by the brother of the owner of the plant, who is in medical care.

The documents revealed that “Adel Al-Bilili”, available on a lease dated January 26, 2017, a period of two years renewable for the same period, provides for the use of the shop related to a garage on the ground floor of a residence located in the retail of insina in Rabat road, beginning on the day of February 1, 2017, in order to practice the activity of garments, in exchange for a monthly payment of 12,000 dirhams, as stated in the contract registered with the Certificate of Signatures Authority.

According to the commercial record revealed by the brother of the owner of the plant, the name of the company is “A&M confection”, which explains the nature of the activity and its controls.


A press release from the Moroccan Ministry of Health…. Covid-19

Expanding the use of national vaccination to include groups aged 65 and over.
We’re going to have to do it. #maroc #We’re getting out safe. #And our fight. #COVID19


Morocco and The Russian Federation, with regard to fishing and joint cooperation

Friday, February 12 , 2021

◀️the first agreement is to cooperate in the fields of fishing with the Russian Federation, which provides for a legal framework that allows a fleet of 10 Russian small surface fishing vessels in Moroccan waters exceeding 15 nautical miles.


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