The Moroccan city of Settat🐎… Horse land and equestrian… Date.. And present.

1/03/2021, March

Settat is a city and commune of Morocco located in the Casablanca-Settat region, the capital of settat province. The latter is located in the geographical and historical region of Chaouia, on the lands of the tribes of Ayt Settat and Mzamza (one of the twelve tribes of the Chaouia) 57 km from Casablanca, on the road to Marrakech.

Horse city Settat

The “Ayt Settat” tribe had been established by the Almohads. [ref. necessary] They belonged to the Almohad alliance led by Masmuda according to al-Baydaq, Ibn Hazm and Ibn Khaldun. Their origin is southeast of the High Atlas and they apparently settled in the Chaouia region as a result of the Advance of the Almohads to the north. It is believed that it had been installed there along with other tribes to fight the Berghouata,before being absorbed by the region’s primitive cocoon.

Settat Region


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