The story of Queen T, The King’s wife, Amenhotep III.

23/02 /2021

After my last history posting : Queen T back to life, by reconstructingbrought…

one of my visitors ask me about the history of this Queen T, so i like to share with you this wonderful historique about most latest égyptien Queen power in the history of Pharaohs.

▪ Queen T is considered one of the most important queens of Egypt because she had a great place in the rule of her husband and son Akhenaten and has many important effects.

▪ she is the daughter of Yuya and Toya, whose entire tomb was discovered, the mother of Amenhotep IV, alias Akhenaten, and Tutankhamun’s grandmother.

▪ Queen T had the place she enjoyed in the king’s heart despite his many marriages, but he always ordered the carving of statues of her almost the same size as his sculptures and was always depicted next to him and she is considered one of the queens who ruled Egypt because of their intelligence, wisdom and power different from others.

▪She was loyal to the God of Amun and the priests of his temple and always provided them with gifts and ammunition to get closer to God Amon, and she was the first to oppose Akhenaten in changing his religion and his idea to the one God to come.

▪Remember that Queen T’s relationship with her son-in-law Nefertiti was not good!

▪As we can see, the ingenuity and genius of the ancient Egyptian is manifested in mummification and the magnificent mummy of Queen T.


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