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Ibn Battuta al-Tangi is Mohamed Ben Abdallah Al-Tanji, who was born in Tangier, Morocco, on February 24, 1304, and attributes this traveller to the Berber Luat tribe, a tribe whose stomachs spread along the coasts of the African continent to Egypt, and it should be noted that Ibn Battuta grew up in a high-level family, where many of its sons had the opportunity to reach high positions and to grow in forensic sciences.

Ibn Battuta’s journey🌍

Ibn Battuta spent half his life roaming vast areas and travelling in more than 40 countries, whether by sailing, joining camel caravans, or walking, and reportedly began his journey at the age of 21;

He set out and left Morocco for the Middle East, planned to make the pilgrimage to Mecca, and wanted to study Islamic law, where he studied it, toured Alexandria and Cairo, admired its beauty, then continued his journey to Mecca, performed hajj, and after completing it he continued roaming the Muslim world, and after twenty-nine years returned home, and then recorded his long journeys in the book of the journey.

Writings by Ibn Battuta🎑

Ibn Battuta Al_Tangawi

Ibn Battuta left behind no literary work, but left behind a narrative of his travels in the form of a book known as Ibn Battuta’s Journey, describing his extensive journeys to all Muslim countries, China and Sumatra, as well as moroccan Sultan Abu Annan Faris al-Marini. Batuta and his erotic stories, and asked him to dictate it to his writer Mohammed bin Jazi al-Kalbi, and ibn Jazi named this book as the masterpiece of the glasses in the strangeness of the sight and wonders of travel, and the book is considered as a joint work by Ibn Battuta and Ibn Jazi;

Ibn Battuta dedicated it to wonders and strangeness, while Ibn Jazi added his style, which is not without workmanship, cost, and stereotyping, and the book is characterized by its smooth style, rare and funny incidents, and strange traditions.

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Celebrating a memorial statue of Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta



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