👣My journey between the river and the beach, Hawzia, Morocco, stunning scenery

Today I took a trip between the mouth of the river and the sea it’s a picturesque nature of the valley estuary, and on its bank separates the forest between it and the sea, well it’s a kilometer and three hundred meters distance of my journey it’s a road constructed by the ancients because it contains

Landscapes of The Houzibeach Beach Forest

stone and dirt without cement way in the middle of the forest, what you will see here pictures and video showing the place, time wednesday evening. Stunning nature and desertion from the valley bank and to the view of the Houzisea Sunset.

A picture of the sunset from Houzia Beach

Amazing video for Sunset at #Houzia_Beach , Morocco


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Mohamed Mobarak

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  1. You live in an amazing and beautiful part of the world. I had no idea that Morocco was so different than what is portrayed to us in the UK.
    Great photos and video thanks
    Stay safe

    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion, and thank you yes it is the beauty and charm of nature, I do not know what picture they give you about my country, it is really beautiful and behind. Thank you for sharing your opinion and your kind visit👍🎉

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