Tryto pick up a lemon from a truck by climbing over the car on the highway…

Tryto pick up a lemon from a truck by climbing over the car on the highway… Madness or mockery of the traffic law and the lives of the citizens!?


The Royal Gendarmerie managed to arrest a young man who appeared in a video a few days ago as he emerged from the top window of a light car on the highway, climbing into a truck loaded with oranges, in order to win the challenge and get oranges before returning to the car.

According to informed sources, the young man who took the adventure lives in Beni Melal, which prompted members of the Royal Gendarmerie in the same city to locate him and arrest him.

The same sources added that after the arrest of the suspect, he was handed over to the royal gendarmerie in The City of Chishou, which is supervising the investigation of this case, to be placed under the measures of theoretical guarding under the instructions of the competent public prosecution, in order to investigate him about the accused.

It is noteworthy that the video documenting the adventure has experienced a great interaction during the past few days, as the interactions with him denounced the young man’s risky life and the safety of the users of the road, in order to get a few oranges from a truck traveling fast on the highway.

الدرك يلقي القبض على "متسلق شاحنة البرتقال"
Tryto pick up a lemon from a truck

The video was posted on social media platforms, showing a person climbing over the car trying to pick up a lemon from the truck that was driving in front of them, and in a luxury car, the video shows the young men in danger.



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The Moroccan government has decided to extend the validity of the kingdom’s health emergency law for two weeks under the vaccination process against the virus Covid_19 in the Kingdom of Morocco, As a precautionary measure, this decision was issued, which is in the interest of the country and the Moroccan citizen.

Moroccan police work during the kingdom’s health emergency

Extension of the period of the precautionary measures approved on January 13, 2021 for an additional two weeks, starting tuesday at 9:00 p.m. (government communication).

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