Tunisian media hacker hacks news network website, leaves moroccan wolf


The official website of Tunisian television is being hacked by digital hackers who succeeded in disabling it for several hours, after the words “Pirated by a Moroccan wolf’s wolfs””.

At dawn on Tuesday, Tunisia’s national television website was hacked, with the official television page and the website of the first and second channels disabled.

According to Mosaique FM, the hack was carried out by the Moroccan Wolf.

Tunisian national television was officially launched on May 31, 1966, but has been broadcasting pilot programmes on an irregular basis since October 1965, and was called The Tunisian Radio and Television (ATT).

It became Channel 7 in 1992, then Tunisia 7 in 1997, but it remained a subsidiary of the Tunisian Radio and Television Corporation until 2008, after which radio and television were separated so that the radio would retain their joint headquarters, and the Tunisian Television Corporation would turn its channels into a new one.


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