UNICEF and the conflict in Syria In the shadow of the corona virus

It seems that the conflict that has been going on in Syria for many years, which began with the beginning of what was called in the media platforms of the Arab Spring… It is spring or autumn… In fact, it is nothing but a devastating war… A civil and international war intervened in the weaving of the threads of this war, states that intervened for peace to find themselves in a quagmire of interests and in which the secrets of a war and expansionist colonial forces… The payment of war tax seems to have been the share of the defeated popular class and international organizations. Under the UN efforts of the World Health Organization and the United Nations, Unicef

In a report to the unicef and in the shadow of the Corona. Today, the international community needs to get more around these organizations, which are seeking with all the accountability available to them to save human lives from these grinding wars and their terrible and terrible consequences.

Severe storms have hit families displaced by the conflict in the north
Western Syria.

During the harsh winter weather, more than 2 million people fled the violence and sheltered in fragile tents and destroyed buildings. This week, a 6-year-old boy died when a wall built around his tent collapsed amid flooding and snow.

UNICEF works tirelessly during the Coved-19 pandemic to provide life-saving support to children, but we cannot do it alone. We need funding and we need access to families and children. More importantly, this ongoing violence must be put to an end.



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