America’s oldest teen age prisoner released after age 83.

19/03 /2021, Friday Us media say authorities have released America’s “oldest teenage prisoner” after serving 68 years in prison for participating in armed robberies when he was just 15 years old.

Joe Ligon, now 83, was in prison when he was 15 years old after participating in a robbery that left two people stabbed and six others injured.

During the investigation, Ligon admitted that he stabbed one of the victims in 1953 during the robbery, but stressed that he had not lost anyone’s life, but that the court convicted him of two first-degree murders and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

In the 1970s, Ligon and his accomplices were granted clemency from the Governor of Pennsylvania.

While two chose to accept the offer, Ligon refused because he wanted unconditional release and was not subject to censorship.

In 2017, Ligon rejected another offer of parole after the U.S. Supreme Court deemed him eligible, arguing that his release would not give him the freedom he dreamed of after decades in prison.

Bradley Bridge, Ligon’s lawyer, who represented him for 15 years, managed to persuade the court to release his client in November 2020, before he was recently released unconditionally.

Bridge said his client did not kill anyone, “the child who committed these crimes in 1953 no longer exists, and the person who was released from prison in 2021 is 83 years old, has grown and changed and is no longer a threat. Ligon paid his debt to society, and it’s appropriate to spend the last years of his life free.


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        1. Yes, of course, sacrifices, although they may be bad or good, but for the sake of truth and for justice, patience and sacrifice in order to prove innocence and truth are certainly worth it👍

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